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Craig Sherrett

Business Building Marketing Services

Merging creativity, messaging and technology to improve your customer retention, acquisition and performance.



Marketing Programs

Brand Development

Brand Development

• Reduce customer attrition levels.
• Lower customer acquistion costs.
• Increase cross-selling rates.

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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

• Reduce qualification time.
• Improve close rate.
• Lower sales costs.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media

• Reduce risk/negative expsoure.
• Optimize social resources.
• Improve online footprint.

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Visit my blog for insightful ideas, marketing concepts and creative ways to improve your marketing message.


Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging

Your brand is a powerful marketing tool.
Loud & Clear™ unlocks its full potential by developing clear, concise and consistent marketing messages that resonate with your customers and prospects.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Qualified leads are the life blood of any business or organization. Prospex™ develops outbound tactics to optimize your lead generating efforts.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Tactics

Prospex™ leverages all forms of brand exposure and lead generation strategies by integrating all types of inbound tactics into one comprehensive communications platform.


Content Marketing

White papers, posts and articles all support thought leadership and market creditibility to improve the effectiveness of your sales organization.


Traditional Marketing

When integrated into an overall marketing strategy, traditional marketing like direct mail and broadcast media can be an important part of your lead capture effectiveness.


Digital Marketing

Video, email, and social marketing tactics are versatile, flexible and measurable helping you discover the part of your marketing budget that is most effective.

Reach out to new customers with an effective video campaigns - one of the best ways to deliver your value proposition.
Our Video222 service develops high quality, low cost videos that won't break your budget.


...Craig transformed an organization that had almost no marketing to one that was dynamic, engaging and attention getting. I really enjoyed working with Craig and was constantly impressed with his creative thinking, diligent work efforts, and focus on creating value for our clients."

Business Development Executive Financial Services

"...[Craig's] creative and artistic flair brought many of our products to life. Many of the projects were on expedited timelines and Craig consistently managed the projects in a professional and timely manner."

Engineering Executive Small Manufacturer

"Craig possesses a high degree of ingenuity and a strong sense of what works for marketing and what doesn't. Having worked with him on company re-branding, development of extensive collateral and web site, I have found him to be extremely creative and have a unique ability to catch the audience's attention.

VP Sales & Marketing Retail Analytics Consultant

"We had only a nascent marketing infrastructure when he arrived and now have a vibrant website, a library of market commentary, top notch product brochures and a much clearer picture of our client and prospect interactions. "

Owner/CEO Financial Consultant

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